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10/10/16 A Friendly Reminder To Keep NORMLS Membership Informed
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by Aaron Powell on 11/18/2016 15:34
Post 10/10/16 A Friendly Reminder To Keep NORMLS Membership Informed

When an agent is new to your firm, transferring to your firm, leaving your firm, or suspended with the ODRE, please notify NORMLS’ Membership promptly.  The Ohio Division of Real Estate does not notify NORMLS of these changes.  We depend on our Broker and Appraiser Participants, Office Managers and Support Staff for each firm to keep their records current as per our Rules and Regulations.  You can e-mail all roster changes to or fax to (216) 485-4159.


Please Note:  RE: New Agents:  New agents are billed based on their licensure date and not the date you add them to your NORMLS’ roster, or when they begin accessing the system.  Access to the system is a benefit of being a member of NORMLS.  Adding new agents in a timely manner is very important in order to establish membership and then being able to sign up for classes.  

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