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09/30/2017 AT&T blocking a small percentage of ShowingTime SMS messages
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by Aaron Powell on 11/30/2017 12:35
Post 09/30/2017 AT&T blocking a small percentage of ShowingTime SMS messages

Be advised there is an issue going on with AT&T SMS services.  Since Friday afternoon at 3:20PM CDT, AT&T has begun filtering/blocking a small percentage of inbound SMSs to their customers without any notice or options available to the recipient.  The AT&T support team will also most likely deny knowledge of this as it is being done in a manner invisible to them as well.  This behavior is unpredictable as they will block a message to a recipient, then later let a nearly identical message through.

We would encourage all users of AT&T services to make sure that they download the ShowingTime App which offers many more features than SMS, including instant, un-blockable showing and feedback notifications, as well as reports, feedback, and much more.  Any user of AT&T that has a SMS blocked should also please register a complaint with AT&T support about their policy of blocking business critical text messages without notice or whitelisting options available to the recipient (which email has had for decades).

While less than 1% of ShowingTime’s SMS traffic is being blocked, ShowingTime is aggressively pursuing resolution to this at all levels but so far AT&T will not respond as to why these messages are being blocked, or what their reasons/algorithms are for seemingly random blocking of a small percentage of the ShowingTime text messages being sent to AT&T users.

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