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07/10/17 Photo Removal
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by Aaron Powell on 07/24/2017 13:18
Post 07/10/17 Photo Removal

NORMLS will no longer remove photos from any off market listings (i.e. expired, withdrawn, sold)  Our data is memorialized and can not be altered.

Keep in mind the following:

  • Only our members have access to the MLS and are able to see the off market data in our system
  • Customers are asking you to remove the photos from MLS assuming they will be removed from public facing websites, this does not happen.
  • Listings are sent to public facing websites including, and other sites your broker has chosen to send to (i.e. Zillow, Trulia, ListHub which is a data aggregator)
  • Once those public facing websites receive those listings and the properties move to off market, the MLS does not feed the data to those sites any longer
    • In essence – if we made a change to photos on an off market listing, it will not be pushed to those sites
  • It is the agents responsibility to remove the photos from public facing websites once a listing is off market (i.e. closed, withdrawn, expired)

If you need to remove photos from any listing, please make sure you do so before the listig moves to an off market status

If you need to remove photos from a public facing website, you will need to contact the website.

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