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2/3/17 Membership Fee Notification
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by Aaron Powell on 02/15/2017 16:17
Post 2/3/17 Membership Fee Notification

The Membership Fee covering March 1 through August 31, 2017 has been added to your NORMLS account.

Fees are due upon receipt and are non-refundable.  Please have your fee paid on or before March 1, 2017.

Your Membership Fee can be paid via the following:

  1. Online at: – Member Links – My Account (pay dues here) or
  2. Mail a check to:  NORMLS, 5605 Valley Belt Road, Independence, OH  44131

In order to pay online, you must have already secured an individual password.  If you have not secured your password as of yet, you need to contact me directly in order to pay the invoice(s) or contact our Customer Service department at (216) 485-4100 ext. 480 and schedule your “Intro to the MLS” class to secure the needed password.

If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Department at (216) 485-4103 or via e-mail at


Keith A. Seager


d - (216) 485-4103

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