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1/4/17 New Devices...
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by Aaron Powell on 02/15/2017 16:15
Post 1/4/17 New Devices...

If you have a new computer, tablet or smartphone, you may want to add a shortcut to neohrex:

Computer Steps:

  • If you use Internet Explorer
    • After opening Internet Explorer, go to
    • Click File (if you don't see File at the top left, hold Alt+F)
    • Click Send
    • Click Shortcut to Desktop
  • If you use Mozilla Firefox
    • After opening Firefox, go to
    • Drag the icon from the address bar to the desktop
  • If you use Google Chrome
    • After opening Chrome,  go to
    • Click the options icon at the top right ( looks like 3 vertical dots)
    • Click More Tools
    • Click Add to desktop

Apple Tablet/Phone Steps:

  • Open Safari, go to
  • Tap the Share button ( up arrow icon), then the Add to Home Screen (Image result for apple add to homeplus sign icon)
  • Enter a name for the shortcut (default is Matrix but you may want to change to MLS or NEOHREX)
  • Tap Add

Android Tablet/Phone Steps:

  • Open Chrome, go to
  • Tap the 3 vertical dots icon at the top right corner 
  • Tap Add to Home screen
  • Enter a Name for the icon (default is Matrix but you may want to change to MLS or NEOHREX)
  • Tap Add

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